Here’s a list of the price for additional services:

  • Basic Paperback: $50
  • Graphical Paperback: $100
  • Audio book: $30
  • Facebook Banner: $25-$50
  • 3d Design: $15
  • Any other promotional advertisements: Starts at $25
  • Additional Character creation : $50

We will full-heartedly review your form, conceptualize the design and start searching for the right stock images. We will update you once we started the cover

The price ranges from $310 – $400. It depends on the complexity of the design and number of characters in the book cover.

We legally download stock images from Shutterstock, manipulate them to meet your expectations. Likewise, we create tweaks on our downloaded images for our premde designs.

This varies so we would be asking you to please reach us out and we will inform you of our availability.

We really like to challenge our sense of creativity. All of the premades we make are results of our conceptualized themes. We do not use a template. We do not resell same concepts. We create an artwork based on our ideas and inspiration.

We need a deposit of $30 to secure your spot that will be deducted on the final cost of the cover. We’ll need your email address to which we will be sending you the Paypal invoice. The final artwork will be sent to you once we receive the full payment.

We’ll need your email address to which we will be sending you the Paypal invoice. The final artwork will be sent once we receive the full payment.

Yes! As short as just after 1 week, you will be able to get the 1st draft of your book cover for an additional cost of $200. Rest assured that the quality will be the same, it’s just that, you will our priority for that week!

We present our premade covers in different formats. Most of the time it is a first come first served basis and you can join our Facebook group to get notified when we will be posting the newest premade Book Cover and Designs by Juan. We also hold auctions for specific premades and you are also welcome to participate!

There will be a maximum of three rounds of revision. At the end of the day we aim for CLIENT SATISFACTION. Communicate with us your need and we will work hard on achieving your dream book cover!

Yes! Take note that you must have the legal rights on these high resolution images. This will not change the cost for your custom-made book cover.

Yes! Just communicate with us whenever you are ready to have the print cover.